Terri Sowers

I am elated that you are visiting True Healing Massage. What is my philosophy? We need physical touch! Unfortunately, human touch has been perverted in our society.  I intend to bring back the blessed healing and power that touch has on the physical body. My life has changed immensely since I decided to invest in my own health and wellness. I am determined to help others attain the same motivation and improve their lives too.

About Us

My Mission

Empower and Heal


My Beliefs

Mind, Body, and Spirit

I attempt to emulate Christ in all aspects of my life. I have been going to school while raising my children for the last 20 years.  God has been faithfully beside me every step and is allowing me to see how He put my life together for His special purpose.

My Story

I ran the "rat race" of life for many years on empty. There is so much stress in our world today. When I slowed down enough to get to know myself, I found so many pleasures in the stillness. It was easy and free. If I can provide someone else with just a taste of that slowed pace, it will change them. I believe there is healing in massage.
I am finally happily married with 2 grown daughters. I love to learn and have found great enjoyment in finding out more about our human bodies; how they work, what they need; how the mind, body, and spirit all work together. I am fascinated with essential oils and the wonderful herbal and natural alternatives to medicine and hope to incorporate them into my practice. I am looking forward to becoming registered as an aromatherapist.

Certificates, Degrees, Lincenses