Meet the Therapists:

Terri Sowers, LMT

Business Owner

I am elated that you are visiting True Healing Massage. What is my philosophy? We need physical touch! Unfortunately, human touch has been perverted in our society.  I intend to bring back the blessed healing and power that touch has on the physical body. My life has changed immensely since I decided to invest in my own health and wellness. I am determined to help others attain the same motivation and improve their lives too.

My Mission:

Empower and Heal

Melody Gupton, LMT

Melody joined True Healing Massage as our second therapist in March of 2021! She has had her massage therapy license for over 2 years, and loves providing pain relief and relaxation to others!


Fun facts about Melody:

She comes from Bedford Virginia.
She loves music and singing.
She chose a career in massage after experiencing extreme pain from an auto immune disorder called Dystonia.
Her favorite part about massage therapy is making people feel better.
She is most excited about learning and growing in her profession!

Hope Williams, LMT

Hope joined us in perfect timing, right when Terri broke her arm in March of 2021! A 2020 graduate, Hope was trained by the same school as Terri - Sylvain Melloul.

Megan Shields

Co-Owner and Business Manager

Terri and I are a Mother- Daughter team. We started True Healing Massage together in the spring of 2019. 

I am typically the person you speak to via text, social media, and on the phones. I post all the pictures, design the website, and organize all of the behind-the-scenes involved with running a business!

Local to Lynchburg, I live with my husband, 3 cats and a dog. I have a bachelor of science in biology from Sweet Briar College. 

I never expected to be in a business position, but I have ample experience! I'm so lucky my career fell into my lap and I'm thrilled to be part of such an influential health and wellness business. I've always been interested in naturopathic and alternative medicine and am so proud of my mom in her career choice as a massage therapist!