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Microcurrent Point Stimulation

An innovative, all-natural, safe & highly effective, drug-free pain relief therapy created by chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists, which uses electric charge to improve the body

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What does it do?

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Acupuncture and the nervous system

"From a modern medical perspective, acupuncture represents a wonderfully simple technique of manipulating the nervous system. Another way of looking at this process is by comparing acupuncture’s balancing system (Yin/Yang) with the western neurological (sympathetic/parasympathetic) nervous systems. Disruptions in the sympathetic/parasympathetic systems will adversely affect organs, emotions, neural, and muscular activities, producing pain and disease throughout the body."

Like acupuncture, "the Dolphin Neurostim specifically targets key points that provide the strongest parasympathetic response and muscular relaxation benefits to the patient."

fda approved

for otc use

Safe for children and elderly, however it is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, epileptic or fitted with cardiac pace maker.


8 different studies published in 6 different peer-reviewed journals scientifically proving to reduce back pain, neck pain, chronic pain, body pain, and chronic post surgical pain.

IMMEDIATE & long-term results

Most patients require 2-10 treatments for lasting outcomes, with 60-85% of patients experiencing relief in 1-3 treatments.


& safe to use

NEEDLE-FREE! Uses microcurrent (millionth of an amp) in DC (natural direct current) verus AC (man-made alternating current)

Scar Release

MPS therapy for scars and adhesions

Research now reports that abdominal scars & c-sections produce shoulder, neck and back pains! They are now known to affect stress, fascia and the formation of adhesions, all of which are linked in research to increased pain & disease. MPS Scar Release Therapy (SRT) re-establishes cellular metabolism, releasing fascia, stress & pain for an unparalleled pain relief

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