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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a relaxation focused massage. The primary goal is to relax tense muscles, relax the mind, and provide an overall feeling of wellness and rejuvenation.


Benefits: relieves muscle tension, increases circulation, aids in lymphatic movement, lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety, reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and improves immunity.

Who is it for: Swedish massage is perfect for any person, and can be highly beneficial for those with chronic illness, pain, and/or stress. It's the perfect choice for those new to massage or who want to establish continued care with a massage therapist but don't know where to start. Swedish is light to medium pressure, so if you think you need firmer pressure - upgrade to Deep Tissue!


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue is slow and methodical with lots of firm pressure for sore muscles. It can be used anywhere on the body, but uses a sharper angle of the therapist's hands, elbows, or knuckles to force through the deeper layers of muscle.

Benefits: helps break up scar tissue, reduces muscle tension, promotes faster healing, increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, improves stiffness.

Who is it for? Deep Tissue massage helps those with chronic pain, injuries, difficult to reach tension or stubborn knots, or athletes with sore muscles. Those who request deep tissue typically feel a good level of "soreness" after massage, and/or feel like Swedish is not firm enough to relieve their tension.


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is intended to provide a more therapeutic benefit to specific areas of the body that suffer from chronic conditions or an old injury. Therapeutic massage is more fine-tuned to these areas of concern, and involves manipulating the tissues to achieve a specific outcome. The massage therapists use therapeutic massage to provide a more careful and intentional approach to their treatment, and use their knowledge and additional research to ensure the client is seeing improvement.

Benefits: provides muscle and joint pain relief, relieves muscle tension, strengthens muscles, relieves sports injuries, increases range of movement.

Who is it for? Therapeutic massage typically coincides with injury or chronic conditions in areas that require more advanced and thorough treatment; often for those who have nerve, bone, or spinal related issues, or have received advanced medical treatment such as physical therapy


Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a Swedish massage (light to medium pressure) for those who are currently pregnant. Uses side-lying positioning with pillows for support, or our prenatal table with a cut-out for face-down lying. Prenatal massage provides much needed relief from the aches and pains or stress of pregnancy.

Benefits: provides muscle and joint pain relief, relieves muscle tension, soothes and comforts pregnant women, improves circulation, reduces swelling, reduces headaches, improves sleep quality.

Who is it for? Prenatal massage is helpful for most pregnant women. We can provide prenatal massage in any trimester, so long as the mother is not high risk. See our pregnancy waiver for information on the contraindications for massage during pregnancy: prenatal massage waiver 

Pregnant belly

Lymphatic Massage (Certified) - Text to book!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a therapy designed to work the lymphatic system specifically, which is located just below the skin's surface. This massage is feather-light, as there is no need to work out muscle tension. The lymphatic system spans the body much like the cardiovascular system - however, the lymphatic system lacks a "pump" like the heart. Because of this, the lymphatic system moves lymph fluid through the body through physical movement (or manual massage) alone. 

Benefits: helps move lymph fluid through the lymphatic system of the body and to the lymph nodes. This can boost the immune response, flush debris from the body, reduce swelling or water weight, and improve health in a number of ways! 

Who is it for? Lymphatic massage can be for anyone - but especially helpful for those experiencing swelling or edema, lowered immune system, or who have had or are preparing for a major surgery. 

* Post-operative Lymphatic Massage differs from standard lymphatic massage in price, as those who have had major body modification surgeries require more care and often still have open surgical drain sites. Terri's certification allows to her to provide lymphatic massage to either type of client, post-op or not! We have a whole page dedicated to information on post-lipo massage here.


Reflexology (Certified)

Reflexology uses the soles of the feet (and sometimes palms of hands) to provide stress relief, relaxation, and may help your body function better by targeting specific areas on the feet that are believed to connect to different internal body systems and organs, similar to acupressure. Reflexology uses Zone Theory and is believed to maintain Vital Energy. "Reflexology stimulates over 14,000 nerves during a session, opening neural pathways so sensory nerves can communicate with the brain and spine."

Benefits: may help relieve tension, stress, sleeplessness, joint pain, back pain, anxiety, sinus issues, and even digestion!

Whos is it for? Reflexology is for anyone looking for a complementary therapy to address a wide variety of concerns, and are willing to try something new! 

Body systems: 

  • Cardiovascular.                      •  Nervous

  • Digestive--                              •  Respiratory

  • Emotional and Limbic*            •  Musculoskeletal

  • Endocrine                              •  Urinary


Hot Stone (Add-on)

Hot Stones are an added heat treatment to simultaneously relax and soften the muscles more quickly. The stones pinpoint the heat to the desired area to allow for deeper penetration through the muscle layers.


Benefits: Loosens tight muscles and preps them for massage by bringing heat quickly and efficiently to the area.


Who is it for? Hot stones are great for anyone! But are especially helpful for athletes with hard and tight muscles! 


Cupping Therapy (Add-on)

Cupping therapy uses suction to lift the skin away from the muscle tissue and nerves. Held stationary, they can be used to draw blood to the area, or they can be moved and slid across the skin for a more massaging effect.

Benefits: stimulates circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. This aids in removing toxins from the body and helps in healing and recovery.

Who is it for? Anyone looking to try something new, those who have had little results with traditional massage, and require stronger treatment on tight muscles and knots. 


Aromatherapy (Add-on)

Aromatherapy uses essential oils topically to enhance the quality of your massage. Essential oils can help in several different areas of your wellness regimen. We can add a blend of oils to your massage oil to create a custom environment of your choosing. Below lists our favorite blends that you can choose to add to your massage:

  • Relaxation, calming, sleep: lavender, chamomile, clary sage

  • Energizing, uplifting, clarity: orange, peppermint, rosemary

  • Mood regulating, emotional stability, spiritual centering: cedarwood, bergamot, ylang ylang

  • Immunity, body defense, breathe easy: eucalyptus, spruce, lemon

  • Sore muscles, pain: copaiba, frankincense, balsam fir


Chair Massage

Massage chairs are specifically designed to support the body from the front, to allow the massage therapist access to the back and shoulders. Done fully clothed, this therapy is quick and easy, and an excellent way to introduce someone to massage who has never had one before. 

Benefits: easy and convenient for the patient, provides relaxation, soothing sore muscles, increased blood flow, reduced anxiety, and more. 

Who is it for? Any one who is uncomfortable getting on the table, or those looking for a quick massage.

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